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COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Transport (Americas) Inc.

After more than 25 years of close and productive cooperation, COSCO Shipping Company Ltd. (now known as COSCO SHIPPING Specialized Carriers Co. Ltd.) and NMA Maritime & Offshore Contractors B.V. formed two joint ventures separately in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Houston, Texas U.S.A. in 2012.

With more than 35 years of experience, COSCO SHIPPING Heavy Transport is widely recognized as a leader in the semi-submersible market. They specialize in the handling of high value cargoes and have a long track record of providing safe, reliable and fast transports by means of Float-on/Float-off, Roll-on/Roll-off, Skid-on/Skid-off and Lift-on/Lift-off operations. They also pioneered the market leading DP2 floatover installation method of large offshore equipment utilizing their DP2 semi-submersible vessels.

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Chinese Polish Joint Stock Shipping Company (CHIPOLBROK) was founded in June 1951 as a joint venture between Chinese and Polish governments.

Chipolbrok America Inc. provides sea transportation services between the continents of North/Central/South America – Asia, Europe and Middle East/India. Their regular ports in the United States are Houston, New Orleans, Baltimore, and Camden/Philadelphia.

Their modern, multipurpose fleet of 15 heavy geared ships is suitable for transportation of projects, heavy/over dimension units, industrial commodities for oil and gas, power generation, chemical sectors, all kind of plant components and equipment, rolling stock, steel, minerals and other general cargoes.

Chipolbrok is continuously investing in fleet renewal programs with the aim to meet current and future transportation requirements and industry trends. In 2016, Chipolbrok accepted delivery of four of these new builds. These new ships with extend length of the main loading compartments up to 50.56 meters and strengthen lifting capacity of the new cranes up to 350 metric tons each (or in tandem operation of two cranes up to 700 metric tons) would allow to handle and accommodate under deck long/tall and heavy units.

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